First Steps

Before starting your practical lessons or taking your driving theory test there are a number of steps you must complete.
You can begin studying for your theory test whenever you like -
Get yourself a copy of the highway code as a starting point, it really is an essential study aid so you should buy one as soon as you decide to start studying for the test. Click HERE to look at an online copy
The DSA website provides an excellent resource for all learners and new drivers.
You can find detailed information there on all aspects of driving.

-Information ranging from how to select an instructor and what the tests involve to what happens after you pass the various stages and the costs involved.

Click on the DSA link below or in the links bar on the left of this page to visit the site.
This is a very good place to start gathering the information you will need.

You will need to have a vaild (signed)
Provisional Driving Licence.

You can apply for your provisional licence online (click on the sign on the left to go there.) or you can collect an application form D1 from your local post office.

When you pass your driving test there is no charge to have your licence changed to a 'full' car licence so long as the provisional was issued after March 2004.

You must be 17 years or older to hold a provisional licence.

You may apply for the licence up to 2 months before your 17th birthday and it will then be valid from the date of your birthday. That way if you're really keen to get going you could start your lessons on your 17th birthday !

So now you've got your provisional licence sorted out you're ready to go.

Click on 'The Test ' link button on the left to see what the theory and practical tests involve.

Learners and new drivers